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Tropique du Capricorne

Mathieu Matégot
Reference :
37 888
H. 258 x L. 345 cm / H. 8ft 5 ½ x W. 11ft 4

Tapisserie after a cartoon of Mathieu Matégot (1910-2001)

France, Aubusson, Pinton workshop

circa 1975

Woven in wool and cotton (warp in cotton, weft in wool)

Signature of the artist and label of the workshop at the bottom right of the tapestry


The tapestry of the Galerie Chevalier is quite exceptional for its size and its pure and contrasting colours. It emanates a real dynamism from these large flat tints in movement. Let us also note a beautiful work at the level of the weaving - Chinés'.

The heathered weave makes the contours of the large coloured areas vibrate.

The narration is not completely absent in the composition, at first sight abstract: the line of the Tropic of Capricorn can be guessed and makes a geographical map blossom, of which Africa is perhaps the most readable part. The call of Elsewhere, a theme present in several of Mathieu Matégot's compositions, is again illustrated in Tropic of Capricorn.

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Born in Hungary, he studied at the Budapest School of Fine Arts. He travelled to Italy and the United States before settling in Paris in 1931.

As a designer renowned for his concept of furniture made of perforated sheeting, he became a member of the A.P.C.T. (Association of Cardboard Painters) following his meeting with Lurçat in 1950. His creation includes more than a hundred cartoons of tapestries, including some monumental ones made for the French state.


Mathieu Matégot , Artist & Designer
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