The appraisal of tapestries and carpets

It is important to know the value of the rug and tapestry or textile you own.  It allows you to insure them at the right value but also to have a better knowledge about their origin, period and bring them the right attention.


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The activity of the experts of the Galerie Chevalier is carried out on behalf of various interlocutors:

  • Appraisal of the textile patrimony of private individuals, with a view to sharing or sale
  • Appraisal before or after a disaster at the request of individuals or insurance companies
  • Appraisal for voluntary sales companies in Paris and the provinces
  • Appraisal before the Court of Appeal of Paris
  • An oral opinion is given free of charge.
    • Either on good quality photos sent by email with a phone number attached.
    • Or by bringing directly, on appointment, the object to the gallery.
  • The expertises drawn up on expert’s headed paper are paying, at a rate of 4% of the value of the object with a minimum of :
    • 200 Euros TTC for an expertise made : either on a good quality photo brought, sent by mail or e-mail (a photo whose enlargement on the computer allows to see the fineness of the weaving and the possible accidents or wears). For a carpet, a photo of a turned-over corner of the carpet is also necessary, which allows you to see the characteristic knotting technique of a particular region. Or by bringing the object directly to the gallery, by appointment.
    • 260 Euros (all taxes included) plus travel expenses (to be agreed upon in advance) for appraisals requiring travel to Paris or the provinces.
  • The travel expenses in Paris are 150,00 Euros payable at the time of the trip.
  • Travelling expenses in the provinces are on accepted estimate.
  • If the object is a very valuable piece, we will agree to a fixed fee, less than the amount that should be paid by the applicant
  • Certificate of Authenticity with photo integration in the certificate:
    • Without indication of value: 350€.
    • With indication of value: 4% of the value of the object with a minimum of 350€. If the object is very valuable, a fixed price is considered with the client – An invoice is attached to the expertise.
  • When an auctioneer commissions us for an expertise in view of an auction sale, we provide the expertise to the auctioneer, first of all free of charge and if the auction sale is effective, our fees of 4% of the amount of the adjudication, are then paid by the auctioneer.  
  • Let us remind you that the expert appraisals after claims which are made expressly at the request of the insurer, are invoiced by us to the claimant who must pay us and who will then be reimbursed for the amount of the fees by his insurer.
  • Let us also remind you that there are two levels of value and that it is necessary to specify, at the time of a request for expertise, if one wants :
    • a realization value / auction house value, if the client plans to sell his property
    • a replacement value / insurance value, if the client wishes to find a similar item on the art market or indicate its value to his insurer

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Do not hesitate to contact us also if you wish to sell or entrust us with the sale of your tapestries.

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