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Jean René Sautour Gaillard
Reference :
38 293
H. 150 x L. 210 cm / H. 4ft 11 x W. 6ft 11

Tapestry after a cartoon by Jean René Sautour Gaillard (1946-2016)

France, Aubusson, Atelier Camille Legoueix

Woven in wool and cotton (cotton warp, wool weft)

Edition 1/3

Bolduc signed by the artist


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Jean René Sautour Gaillard was born in 1916 in Paris and died in 2016.

According to Jean-René Sautour-Gaillard, " the wall tapestry is a serious thing. It is a song, and what is more, a song of epic intentions, a choir with several voices. "A pupil of Wogensky, he worked after the war to revive the art of tapestry by giving it a second youth. In order to do this, the artist's style never ceased to evolve: moving from the abstract to the figurative, mixing movement and meticulous details borrowed from various civilisations. The levels of reading are multiple. If the artist has travelled little during his life, it is a perpetual inner journey that he undertakes. He avidly collects ancient textiles, especially pre-Columbian. The body of work he leaves behind is the testimony of a demanding, cultured and curious man.

Jean René Sautour Gaillard , Artist
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