Jean René Sautour Gaillard

Jean René Sautour Gaillard was born in 1946 in Paris and died in 2016

According to Jean-René SAUTOUR-GAILLARD, "the wall tapestry is a serious thing. It is a song, and what is more, a song of epic intentions, a chorus with several voices. "Student of Wogensky, he will work after the war to revive the art of tapestry by breathing a second youth. To do this, the artist's style will continue to evolve: from abstract to figurative, mixing movement and meticulous details borrowed from various civilizations. The levels of reading are multiple. If the artist has traveled little during his life, it is a perpetual inner journey that he undertakes. He avidly collects ancient textiles, especially pre-Columbian. The body of work he left behind is the testimony of a demanding, cultured and curious man.


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