Marc Du Plantier

Marc Du Plantier is a French artist and designer

After training as an architect at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts and as a painter at the Académie Julian, Marc du Plantier began his career in 1928. His architectural vocabulary, characterized by the rigor of his lines, his work on color, indirect light and the play of mirrors, was already in place in his first projects. This art reached its peak on rue du Belvédère, where Anne and Marc du Plantier entertained the Tout-Paris of the 1930s. The apartment overlooking the bay of Algiers, considered one of the summits of the decoration of his time, the Madrid Palaces where, from 1938 to 1949, he developed a remarkable neoclassicism, the Parisian apartments of the 50s, the lounge of the French embassy in Ottawa. In the early 1960s, the disappearance of private commissions pushed the designer to move to Mexico City, where he founded the company Artedecor, then to Los Angeles, before returning to Paris via the Orient. From this contact with American pop was born the work he developed in 1968, creating from new materials models for the Lacloche gallery or for Maurice Rheims' dining room, without ever abandoning his classical rigor.

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