Jean Fourton

Jean Fourton is a multifaceted character: journalist, psychoanalyst, painter and also teacher.

It is indeed in all these fields that the artist flourishes. From his encounters, travels and discoveries, Jean Fourton learns and then appropriates the codes and foundations of each discipline to create his own universe. First, he studied psychoanalysis alongside Jacques Lacan, who would become his psychoanalyst, his master and his friend. He also obtained a degree in Psychopathology and Social Psychiatry and wrote a thesis on Non-verbal Communications, and more specifically on Aggressiveness in Art. Then, from his meeting with Pierre Soulages, he understands colour and becomes passionate about painting. He studies the painter's work and learns lessons that will impact on his own work.

But it is certainly his discovery of the town of Aubusson which most marks his practice and his investment in tapestry. Then owner of a house next to the town, Jean Fourton discovered the medium and the workshops of liciers, the heritage that the Cité Internationale de la Tapisserie preserves today. He began to create cardboard boxes, with the aim of having them woven. Jean Fourton is still closely linked to Aubusson, a town to which he regularly makes several donations, both of his paintings and of his tapestries.



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