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WA 4

Victor Vasarely
Reference :
9 320
H. 157 x L. 156 cm / H. 5ft 1 ½ x W. 5ft 2

Tapestry after a cartoon by Victor Vasarely (1906 -1997)

Pinton Workshop, Aubusson, France

Woven signature of the artist in the lower right corner 

Workshop label in the lower left corner 

Edition 1/6

Circa 1965

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French visual artist of Hungarian origin, related to optical art. He is even inducted as the creator of this movement.

After his baccalaureate, he began studying medicine, which he quickly abandoned, but he kept a desire for a method that he would apply to his art. In 1929, Vasarely entered the Bauhaus school in Budapest, whose influence on his work was to be very important. But he was forced to leave Hungary for political reasons. He moved to Paris in 1930 and worked in the Havas advertising agency and with a famous printer of the Draeger period, as a graphic designer.

In 1965, he participated in "Responsive Eye" at the MoMA in New York, an exhibition devoted to optical art or op' art in English. The idea is to suggest movement through the interaction of the work and the spectator.

Victor Vasarely , Artist
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