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Tapisserie 112

Daniel Riberzani
Reference :
37 884
H. 30 x L. 30 cm / H. 1ft x W. 1ft

Tapestry after an oil on paper by Daniel Riberzani

France, Aubusson, Legoueix workshop

Woven in wool and cotton (warp in cotton, weft in wool)

2010 (cartoon of 1970-1972)


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For Daniel Riberzani, there is no creative border between painting and tapestry but rather an interaction of practices, a complementarity while remaining autonomous. He is one of the rare artists of the Aventure Tissée in France, if not the only one, to practice both media "simultaneously". Thus these two means of expression are enriched respectively by their specificities, inform each other (in the sense of giving form and meaning). For the artist, tapestry is a chance to leave the solitude of his studio to join the effervescence of a factory: to define with the dyer the "rosary" of wools, to scale the model, to number the cardboard so that each number corresponds to a shade. Through this preparatory work, the artist ensures the tapestry's autonomy from the painted support. By abandoning his cardboard, he lets the craftsman interpret his score...

Daniel Riberzani , Artist
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