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Mathieu Ducournau dialogues with the tapestries of the Galerie Chevalier

Fleurs et des lices is an invitation to a conversation between the artist’s recent creations around the theme of nature that he observed in profusion, during the lockdown of 2020, and the famous tapestries of lice, such as the Millefleurs or the Verdures or the tapestries of artists of the twentieth century. About twenty works will be presented on this occasion.

Mathieu Ducournau plays with the figurative and the abstract. Atypical artist, he chooses the thread as a privileged medium of his artistic expression. The threads, like a dry paint, twirl on the canvas, mix, overlap and become conductors and revelators of a line, a form.

The formal connection between Mathieu Ducournau’s thread works and woven tapestries is an aesthetic pretext: Nature as an inexhaustible source of inspiration transcends the ages!