Behzadi & Crinon

Arnaud Behzadi and Cathy Crinon are architects and interior designers.

Leading figures in the luxury hotel industry, they have been working together for nearly 25 years to design unique spaces that combine functionality with a certain poetry. Cathy Crinon's signature warm atmosphere engages her in conversation with Arnaud Behzadi's graphic and architectural work.

The rug created for the Galerie Chevalier-Parsua is a perfect example of their sensitive approach: Jardin d'Eram is an ode to Arnaud's Persian origins. As its name suggests, the rug evokes the Jardin d'Eram - literally Paradise - in Shiraz, Iran. "Our creative ambition was to convey all the magic of a landscape, to strike a subtle balance between colours and graphics, between the rigour of geometry and the poetry of a handmade rug".

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