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Intention of Joy

Aurélie Mathigot
Reference :
38 312
H. 80 x L. 78 cm / H. 2ft 7 ½ x W. 2ft 6

Antique tapestry enhanced with embroidered fluorescent cotton threads


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Aurélie Mathigot is very attached to the practice of photography, which she stitches up in places to freeze a movement, to underline a detail, but in parallel to this work, in two dimensions, she makes sculptures in rope, wool, cotton, using the crochet technique and associating other materials from our daily life: wood, wax, ceramics.

Her work is built around an illusion of reality: to give a new appearance, to conceive a textile-reality of what surrounds us, with an idea of covering and invasion.

For his first tapestry of lice, the artist started from his sketchbooks made during his travels

Aurélie Mathigot , Artist and designer
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