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Voyage en Alsace

Françoise Paressant
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CFP 27
H. 195 x L. 198 cm

Tapisserie de haute lice tissée par l'artiste

Tissée en coton et polyane (chaine en coton, trame en polyane)

Pièce unique


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Françoise Paressant is an autodidact of tapestry. Her first period of textile creation is more classical and stops in the middle of the 80s. She then put her woven work in brackets for about ten years, to experiment (drawings, collages, paper pulp). It is during this time that her writing will take shape: a work on matter and colour. Today, leaving the traditional and cumbersome loom, she now opts for nomadic weaving. By freeing herself from the spatial constraints of the workshop, she weaves where and when she wants, thus reviving the ancient textile traditions of South America. Through a subtle interplay of accumulations, interweaving fragments of strips and circles, her compositions take on a new dimension.

Françoise Paressant , Artiste
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