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La Reine Artémise

Royal Manufacture of Aubusson
Reference :
9 153
H. 275 x L. 455 cm / H. 9ft x W. 14ft 11½

Tapestry from the Royal Aubusson Manufactory

Tapestry part of the hanging of the Illustrious Women of Antiquity which included six tapestries: Queen Artemisia, Porcia, Lucretia, Roxane, Julia, Cleopatra

Models attributed to Charles Poerson (1609 - 1667)

Woven in wool, silk and precious metal threads

17th century, around 1670-80



Artemisia, Queen of Halicarnassus, organised a sumptuous funeral for her beloved husband and built a tomb for him which was one of the seven wonders of the world, hence the word mausoleum. As she was facing great difficulties as regent, her son being still too young to become king, she gave herself courage by drinking a beverage made of a liquor in which her husband's ashes were mixed; it is this scene of posthumous marital love that is represented on the present tapestry.


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