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Diane et Apollon et les Enfants de Niobé

Reference :
38 001
H. 217 x L. 334 cm / H. 7ft 2 x W. 10ft 11

Tapestry of Paris, probably Raphaël de la Planche's workshop, rue de la Chaise

17th century, circa 1635

Tapestry that was part of the Story of Diana serie that included 8 subjects

The models (circa 1600) are by Toussaint Dubreuil (circa 1561 -1602).



Niobe having declared that she was superior to Latona who had only two children, whereas she, Niobe, had had several (seven daughters and seven sons). Latona, offended, asked her two children (Apollo and Diana) to avenge her, which the two deities did by using their bows and arrows against Niobe's children. It is this scene which is superbly laid out in the present tapestry.

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