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Mathieu Matégot
Reference :
38 121
H. 100 x L. 163 cm / H. 3ft 4 x W. 5ft 4

Tapestry after a cartoon by Mathieu Matégot

France, Aubusson, tabard workshop

Woven in wool and cotton (wrap in cotton, weft in wool)

Edition 2/6

Bolduc signed by the artist

Circa 1960


This tapestry seems to reject hard abstraction and pure colour.

The colours are few but explode in the composition, though bathed in a black background. Hatching and dots create plays of light and shadow, which finally accentuate the small coloured areas.

The subject of the cruise is treated by weaving a boat and a mermaid. The boat occupies the main place in the composition, and is constructed by a juxtaposition of black and coloured heather weaving. The mermaid on the right edge of the tapestry is signified by lines of thread. The proportions of the mermaid contrast with its place within the tapestry.

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Born in Hungary, he studied at the Budapest School of Fine Arts. He travelled to Italy and the United States before settling in Paris in 1931.

As a designer renowned for his concept of perforated sheet metal furniture, he became a member of the APCT (Association des Peintres Cartonniers), following his meeting with Lurçat in 1950. His creation includes more than a hundred boxes of tapestries, including some monumental ones made for the French state.

Mathieu Matégot , Artist & Designer
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