Barbara Kwaniewska

Barbara Kwasniewska is a Polish artist who lives and works in Paris

She studied painting at the Institute of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland. In 1958, she moved to Paris where she got married the same year. Two years later, she received an honorable mention at the Biennale of Ljubljana, Yugoslavia. Organized by the International Center for Graphic Arts and founded in 1955, the Biennial played a role in the dissemination of post-war art, especially for the art of engraving, a technique dear to the artist who explored its possibilities throughout his life. It was during this biennial that Barbara Kwasniewska's work was selected to be exhibited at the second Biennale d'art moderne de Paris, alongside the Ecole de Paris (a group of modern artists, often foreign, whose work emerged in Paris). In 1963, the Friends of the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris awarded her the First Prize for Foreign Painters. In the 1970s, Barbara Kwasniewska created numerous carborundum prints. The artist then used her engravings as cartoons for tapestries, then woven in Aubusson.

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