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Totem II

Victoria Tanto
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H. 44 x L. 30 cm / H. 1ft 5 x W. 1ft

Wool and cotton twists embroidered on paper and velvet inlays

Unique piece


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Her work is the result of a spontaneous process, a series of formal intuitions linked to the materials she encounters in her daily environment. Guided by texture, contrast and density, she associates, adds, intertwines and gives birth to structures with an organic look.

Her creations grow slowly, to the rhythm of meticulous gestures. They seem to grow and climb on the walls, like roots spreading. Made from miles of patiently twisted threads, her cotton cartographies reveal themselves on the narrow scale of the plant or on the macroscopic scale of a satellite view.

Victoria Tanto is free of colour: black and white deceive the eye, making a multitude of shades of grey emerge through an optical effect. Between elegance and sobriety, the duo shapes the volume of her "Totems" and renders the timelessness of her compositions.

The call of the material pushes Victoria to extend her artistic practice to the field of photography and set design. There she rediscovers the pleasure of meticulously chiselling miniature scale environments using light and attention to texture.

Victoria Tanto , Artist
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