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Night Nine

Florence Vacher
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H. 200 x L. 140 cm / H. 6ft 6 ½ x W. 4ft 7

Fabrics and trimmings and beads

Unique piece


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Long intrigued by sculpture and its volumes, the artist chose fabric, allowing her to re-contextualize the traditional icons of the early arts through the textures, assemblages and vibrations of this unique medium of diversity. Each time, everything begins with an encounter, a face, a sculpted body. This is followed by the intense desire to apprehend it by covering it with a "skin", an epidermis here symbolised by numerous fabrics assembled by hand, thread and needle. The large format of the works and the intensity of the colours used bring vital energy to the work. The flattening of the volumes gives a contemporary and radical touch to the whole, extracting the ancestral motif towards its burning actuality. The artist diverts these figures that are so familiar to him and reveals their power and magnetism. Some might recognise the sources, but everyone remains free to interpret them and the unique experience they provoke. Florence Vacher has developed an expertise in African art, working alongside collectors in Paris and New York, where she has lived since 1998.

Florence Vacher , Artist
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