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CY 1
H. 215 x L. 275 cm / H. 7ft ½ x W. 9ft ½

Embroidery of cotton threads and acrylic paint on antique linen

Unique piece


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Born in January 1974, Yentele lives and works between Paris and the Charente.

French artist, Cécile Princ of her real name, is first of all fascinated by Elsewhere, the Other...

After a DEA in Religions, a 3-year stay in Egypt and then an Arabic aggregation, she is back to her artistic fibre - she has been playing the violin since she was 9 years old - but above all she is back to her cultural heritage. Her artisan grandparents fled Poland in the 1930s. They then settled in Paris where they made a living from the work of their hands.

Her grandmother, a seamstress, to whom she was very close, was nicknamed Yentele or Yentl in Yiddish.

Cécile decided to take the name Yentele in homage to this embroiderer grandmother who had so deeply imbued her with the culture of the Hand. But it is only decades later, in the presence of ancient fabrics, that her tactile memory will be reactivated.  In particular thanks to the contact of linen and hemp fibres, the almost roughness of the weave.

It is therefore a story of touch, but also stories that spin, that disappear, that the artist Yentele proposes and fixes through his first two series.

First of all on faces: masks, profiles bound in mouths embroidered with gold or colours.

Then comes abstraction, with the Palimpseste series. This writing project was born out of the desire to give new life to old linen canvases marked by rust. Like a palimpsest, the black of the paint and the colour of the embroidery replace the rust frozen in the linen fibres, and write a new story.  The gestures then draw straight lines, curves and the trace of the brush constitutes a new weft, where the embroidery comes to nestle. Yentele transports us into a moving world where the viewer gets lost in the meandering details of the brush and thread. He almost enters into meditation thanks to this graphic plenitude.

Yentele , Artist
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